The Commotion: A Divine Comedy by Blake & Zaeli

Zaeli stars alongside her real life partner and fellow comedian Blake Wilson in this revolutionary YouTube channel. Part comedy, part philosophy, part avant guard romance and parenting blog,  The Commotion will feature beloved segments such as Trash Hugger, By Definition, That's What She Shed, We'll Pray For You, Digest the News, and sketch comedy offering fresh takes for old souls. Subscribe now!


My Prayer Is For the One Percent: A Portrait of the Mothers at Standing Rock

In 2016, Zaeli lead a three-person crew from central Texas to the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, where construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline was being peacefully opposed. There she conducted intimate conversations with a rainbow of mothers who had halted their daily lives to demonstrate as full-time Water Protectors. My Prayer Is for the One Percent is a series of multimedia fine art portraits, portraying the faces, voices, and insight of these modern matriarchs.


Good Cock Bad Cock

A jocular podcast on male sexuality by Chris Castles, Zaeli was the first and remains the favorite co-host for these interviews about gender, intimacy, and socialization.

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