Zaeli Kane is a compulsive creator, obsessed by the wisdom of nature. This has resulted in a masters degree in literature, a broad portfolio of art and photography, a growing collection of published prose and poetry, and an emerging authority in eco-feminist thinking.

But central to all these pursuits is her signature sense of humor. Since beginning stand up in 2015, Zaeli has performed at the Out of Bounds (Austin), Trill (Houston), and SheDot (Toronto) Comedy Festivals, written and produced for the live weekly variety show ATX Tonight, and currently produces and hosts We’ll Pray For You, a monthly showcase at Coldtowne Theater.

She currently lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, daughter, and dog. Her quirky family has been featured recently on the cover of The New York Times Sunday Magazine as well as The Today Show in coverage of non-monogamy.

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